"cheek to cheek will put the critics back on her side"

What a surprise, a review of Gaga’s music that doesn’t review the music.


When you’re listening to ARTPOP in public and Venus starts


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Any of you hunties going to music midtown tomorrow? Hmu

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Guys it’s really important during this whole ferguson protest that we as social media DO NOT back down until punishment is dealt to those racists. If we let this movement die, then the oppressors win. I’ve seen stuff like this before and the majority of people stop posting about it within a week. We can’t let that happen, this is too important. so keep reblogging and keep posting until these darn racists are punished for their awful inhumane actions. 

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Philadelphia - 8/13

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Gucci S/S 1998

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Interview: June/July 2014
Jamie Dornan by Mert & Marcus

Marina Diamandis & Charli XCX leaving the InStyle Best of British Talent Party, January 30th 2013

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Her Minajesty

Nicki Minaj by Jeff Bark

Styled by Robbie Spencer


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Kylie Minogue in ‘Sample People' (2000)

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