Yo huntyo
Tu huntyas
El huntya
Nosotros huntyamos
Vosotros huntyais
Ellos huntyan

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Madonna's Opinion On 10 Completely Random Things ›

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those lips tho

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Liam Payne is so hot he’s making shoes cum

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when u come home from school and take ur makeup off


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Zayn & Janet: Under The Sheets - The Close & Intimate Tour Live in Paris

Zayn & Janet: Close and Intimate- The Visual Album


anyway pray that they hire me at this starbucks so i can finally quit my job or get more hours pray for this latino ex twink otter bear idek what i am anymore

latino and hispanic are american terms used to differentiate white hispanics from “american” whites no latino who lives in latin america identifies as “hispanic” in their native country its a US  thing to always set european whites apart from everyone else spaniards identify as european or spanish latin americans   americans outside the us (where latin languages are spoken) dont identify as hispanic latino yes maybe if theyre talking about the world cup or the continent as a whole but yeah 

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Q: How do you come up with your lyrics?

I’ve written songs about my debit card BYE